Finding The Right System For Your Numero Uno

Your numero uno is your fast-paced auto. It is a super-charged set of parts and components currently running on four wheels. It could be two wheels, if that’s you. Either way, all you’re bothered about is putting dust in front of the others left in your wake. Your machine looks super cool too. The idea is that heads will always turn. If that’s what’s got to happen, well then, you’re stopping traffic.

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That’s not your main objective. You want them to try and follow you, compete with you, at high speeds (because that’s the only way they would be able to, not so?). And then leave them all behind for chalk dust. It’s got to be a mean machine, otherwise, what is the point. The machine’s got to be well-oiled, but it’s also got to make one helluva noise. That’s what you want, right? You’re looking for attention.

You want them to notice. And you want them to sigh. Because there’s nothing that they can do to keep up with you. Now, this racing hobby of yours is also costing you the bucks. You say you don’t mind because that’s how hobbies roll. You’re doing something in your spare time, and it’s got to cost some to make some. The more bucks you spend on burning rubber on the roads, the better you’re going to be and look, right?

But image and noise mean absolutely nothing when your car goes no further than the next one. Nowhere. You look a right fool, all right. All that money spent and nothing to show for it. Eat my dust because I got an exhaust system near me rancho cordova that’s making me the numero uno in your backyard. And you? You’re still chugging along?